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Life is about learning to be your own kind of beautiful and while our pursuit may be imperfect, it’s in all our hearts and soul to always do well and live well. We want your skin to be a reflection of your live well journey.
— -Rebekah jasso jensen, founder



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sanara's Mission

Sanara is derived from the Spanish word, "sanar" which means, 'to heal'. It's our mission to inspire and enlighten consumers who will relish in Sanara's luxury skin care products entrusting us into their daily lives. Our product line is formulated with plant based, naturally derived ingredients that align with the pursuit to live well and do well whenever possible. 



A Note from the Maker

Hi there! I am Rebekah, the creator of Sanara. Sanara offers plant based, naturally derived skincare. Our products are created for the conscious consumer because it's created by a conscious consumer. 

You see, I have lived with PCOS and Psoriasis since I was a teenager, both incurable autoimmune conditions. Living years in frustration, I simply wanted wholesome, naturally derived products for my everyday skincare needs and I wanted to know that each ingredient in my products served a health-giving purpose. So I began to learn the art and science of skincare formulation....in my kitchen mind you! Sanara has been 2 years in the making and as you can imagine we've had a lot of trial and errors, but you know what? We've had a lot of success along the way! I began to notice how naturally derived products were positively affecting my skin and my appreciation and pursuit to learn more, blossomed. 

My passion for natural skincare isn’t something that came quickly to me or even intuitively. I mean to be fair I’m a child of the 80’s where Aqua Net kept my hair crimped for weeks and aspartame was the miracle ingredient to everyone’s low-cal diets. 

Natural skincare was an evolution for me and if I were to guess, for many of you as well. It’s quite alright, this is a judgment free zone and I promise transparency in the ingredients we use. You can rest assured none of our products are tested on animals and you will find many of them are vegan! 

Please join me in the pursuit to live well. 


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