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Sanara is rooted in the Spanish word, sanará which means, ‘you will heal’. It's my mission to help women find the healing power of self love and care through skincare."


About the Founder


Sanara was born out of the need for self-love and care, something I share with all of you. It’s those moments where you step away from your everyday duties of being a mom, being a wife, an employee or boss, sister or daughter and you just focus on you.

Sanara is rooted in the Spanish word sanará which means ‘you will heal’.

The name Sanara is so important to me because its origin represents my heritage and its meaning. “You will heal” acts as a beacon to the products I create and the causes Sanara supports helping those that are already in the trenches bring healing to communities that have been historically under served.

My parents come from a Hispanic generation who lived in what they called, “labor camps” and migrated from season to season picking cotton and watermelon from Texas to California. And I come from a generation that lost their native language because their parents whose first language, Spanish, didn’t want to teach their children and see them face the same discrimination that they experienced.

While my parents had all the best intentions to try and shield their daughters from discrimination and racism we were not immune. What I do know is this; I am proud to come from a people that knows it takes hard work and grit to create the life you dream of because nothing is ever handed to you. My life is much different then what my parents had to endure, thankfully, but the lessons are still the same.

I’m inspired by you, mamás, tias, hermanas and all of you who know no bounds when it comes to serving those you love.

I’m here now to serve you.

Con besos,

Rebekah Jasso Jensen

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