Why is my facial soap bar so soft and why are parts of it white?

First part: Well there is a really great reason for a softer bar; it does mean you have to take a little bit of extra care, i.e. letting the bar dry completely and using a soap dish. Sanara’s facial soap bars are made using cold process. Without going super scientific it takes lye and oils to make soap. We at Sanara like to use more oils then necessary for saponification (the part that turns into soap) for extra moisturizing properties, this is what is called “superfat” amongst us soapmakers. This means you have extra particles of soap floating around ready to moisturize your face. 

The white parts you might see on the soap is called "soda ash". Is it harmful? Absolutely not! It is the result of unsaponified lye reacting with naturally occurring carbon dioxide in the air. Soda ash is harmless, and it's most common on the surface of your cold process soaps, but sometimes soda ash can form throughout the middle of the bars. Once the bar gets wet the ash goes away.

How do I care for my facial soap bar?

It’s important to keep your facial bar soap on a soap dish and allow your bar to completely dry in between uses. While we keep our bar on our sink to assure it dries, keeping it in your shower will work as long as it placed where it will dry completely.

How do I use your facial soap bar?

We recommend a nice lukewarm stream of water and getting your face wet first; with your wet hands hold the bar so it spins round creating a nice creamy lather. You’ll notice the lather have nice big bubbles initially but then turn into a nice velvety lather. Use your fingers to rub the luscious lather on your face being careful not to get into your eyes. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. 

Are your products 100% organic?

Simply put, we are not. While at Sanara all our products are naturally derived some ingredients are organic and some are not. We focus on sourcing the highest quality ethically sourced ingredients from the highest quality suppliers grown organically or widely harvested whenever possible. Also, sourcing ingredients from other countries hold different standards then what the National Organic Program of the USDA holds and a universal standard has not been agreed upon and some of the ingredients we use are not on your their list. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask!

What products are safe to use during pregnancy?

All our products are safe to use even though the use of essential oils is a personal decision and one you should make with your personal healtcare provider. 

How do I become a wholesaler of Sanara products?

Please email us at customercare@sanaraskincare.com

What if I don’t like my products or feel like they are working for me?

Customer satisfaction and care is of utmost importance to us and we want to make sure you love your products as much as we do. While we can only offer a full refund on unused/unopened products email us at customercare@sanarskincare.com to see how we can make it right and make you a lifelong satisfied customer.