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The road to living with Psoriasis is a long one for me.

These days I can laugh remembering the embarrassing hair cap I wore in college for my medical scalp treatment. Not the

most glamorous or relaxing beaty treatment!

Hahaha…poor girl.

After 15 years of suffering with psoriasis,

I decided to take my skincare into my own hands, literally.

 Managing psoriasis takes so much more than medicine.

I wanted to find products that wouldn’t irritate my skin or cause a flare-up.  

I wanted to enjoy a luxurious, relaxing bath & body treatment like everyone else.

I wanted to know that any skincare I used would truly be safe for my skin.

 So, I started researching ingredients and I wanted to get back to

ingredients my Latin American ancestors used.

Which oils soothe?  What ingredients are not irritating?

I studied how to make my own natural skincare products.

Discovering what would and wouldn’t work for my skin.

My kitchen became my test lab!

 All to find that perfect moment of bliss

that I was craving and knew my skin deserved.

Rebekah Jasso Jensen, Founder

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