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The Tranquila Collection

Natural Skin Therapy to

Sooth the Mind, Body & Skin



After more than 15 years of suffering with psoriasis, I decided to take my skincare into my own hands, literally.

I wanted to enjoy a luxurious, relaxing bath & body treatment without worrying the ingredients would irritate my skin.

I wanted skincare that I knew was safe & effective.

I started researching, creating and testing my own formulas.

Discovering what would and wouldn’t work for my skin.

And, Sanara was born!

Our natural, therapeutic skincare is free of synthetics, meets clean beauty standards and is safe, effective and non irritating, even for sensitive skin, like mine.

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Our therapeutic skincare rituals are plant based formulas featuring my favorite Latin American ingredients.

These ingredients are not only part of my heritage and culture, but my ancestors have trusted these ingredients for their effectiveness for centuries.

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At Sanara, we believe everyone deserves a moment of bliss —

no matter what your skin type.

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