You will heal.

Hi there! I’m Rebekah!

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Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this very moment? The moment when my website is launched and I can share with you my life and serve you in your pursuit to live well. Here we are and I couldn’t be more excited!

So thank you for joining me! Little ole me who decided to take a chance on myself with my life experiences, choices and daily pursuit to do well and live well.

Let me share a little bit about what led me to Sanara which mean 'you will heal' in Spanish.

You see, I've been living with Psoriasis and PCOS, both autoimmune conditions, since my teens.

It's easy to think of psoriasis as just a "skin condition" but psoriasis actually starts underneath the skin. It's a chronic (long cure my friends) disease of the immune system. And PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) also an autoimmune condition affects a women's hormone levels. These hormone imbalances cause women to skip menstrual periods, makes it hard to lose weight and its harder for them to get pregnant. Yay for me!

As silly as it is now 15+ years later I can still remember crying when diagnosed with Psoriasis. I mean psoriasis isn't deadly, unsightly yes but not deadly. For a 16 year old though it felt like the end of my life and to be fair for some; psoriasis is debilitating and that was the life I imagined.

When being diagnosed with PCOS (no cure for this one too!...seriously?!), I can admit this diagnosis came with some relief. I now had the answer to my constant struggle to lose weight and why I never knew when my "friend" was coming to town. I had a endocrinologist tell me, "you aren't crazy, your weight struggle is real", I have to say I wanted to cry, the weight of shame was lifted that very moment. I finally felt validated for my struggle and not the failure I constantly felt before. Now let me be clear, PCOS is not an excuse but her saying that has now allowed me to deal with the issue head on; It was validation to know.....

I'm not failing, I'm dealing.

When it came to my skincare and everyday routine, I started hearing about plant-based, naturally derived skincare and as someone who is constantly waiting on that "cure".

Still waiting....

I knew I had to do what I could do to help my condition as best I could. I wanted skincare that wouldn’t further complicate or wreak havoc on my already confused body.

So....I began hand making my own skincare products. Cold-process soap, scrubs, body butters, lip balms, to say I fell in love with small batch skincare products is an understatement. I became obsessed. 

Never the science nerd before I felt like a chemist learning the properties of the beautiful oils that I was selecting into each bar of soap. Argan oil, Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Rosehip Seed oil and so many oils I had never even heard of prior to my quest. 

Perilla Seed Oil

Perilla Seed Oil

And while I can still offer no cure I can offer quality, luxurious, nourishing plant-based, products to soothe, smooth and cleanse your skin. 

Sanara means 'you will heal' in Spanish. Because isn't that what we are all trying to do? Heal our heart, or heal our soul. I still imagine that 16 year old girl devastated by her diagnosis.

This has been a 15+ year journey for me and while I know one's pursuit will be imperfect (hands raised over here) I also know it's in everyone's heart and soul to do well and live well and I want our skin to be a reflection of that journey.

Stay tuned and please join me in the quest to live well; my hope is to inspire, educate and serve you in your daily journey.

Rebekah Jensen