April is National Donate Life Month.

Personally, I live by the motto, "do what you can when you can".

I met Gina early 2015 at a casual get together over food and margaritas. A very common occurrence here in Texas where our summers are long and we never shy away from adult beverages.  Gina was a friend of my very dear friend Carrie and we got to speaking about life and really just getting to know one another. 

On the surface Gina was a gorgeous, young single mother doing a damn good job holding it all together. I'm an introvert so small talk really isn't my thing and Gina is a warm open book so I learned so much about her. One thing that stuck with me way beyond that one night encounter is that Gina was ill, very ill, (honestly you couldn't see it just by looking at her) and that she was on dialysis and needed a kidney if she were going to live long enough to see those milestones every parent wishes to see their children go through: graduation, marriage, grand kids. She was here today but her future was so uncertain. 

Over 116,000 men, women and children are on the national transplant waiting list as of August 2017

20 people die each day waiting for a transplant
every 10 minutes another person is added to the list

33,611 transplants were performed in 2016--a new record high for the fourth consecutive year


On February 24th, 2016 I am honored and humbled to say I became apart of the 33,611 donors that helped donate life.

Honored and humbled would be the exact words I feel to have had the opportunity to help save a life. How lucky am I to have had a strong, healthy body that I can give and save someone else. Donating my kidney still stands to be one of my favorite decisions I’ve ever made. 

2 years strong.

A very special thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses at San Antonio Texas Transplant Institute. Your dedication to your patients is inspiring and made this journey for both Gina and I comforting and memorable. 


Laughing all the way to hope.