What to get dad this Father's Day (Happy tears may be involved!)

This father's day is going to be a tough one. Losing my dad to cancer last November makes me wonder what this one is going to be like. I can imagine I'll be looking fondly at all of the lucky souls out on the town celebrating their dad and being a little envious. Celebrate him, love him, hold him and cherish him. 
What I am so happy about is that @bagsnob thought of Sanara when she thought of her dad and what she could get her daddy. I'm a sucker for a man that is into skincare! He sounds like a cool guy!

Go ahead and click on the title to go see what other goodies Sharon recommended! I can't say it enough....celebrate him, love him, hold him and cherish him.




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My Dad is a total beauty snob. He has more products in his bathroom – by far – than my Mother and he always loves when I give him something new to try (he’s literally willing to try anything). There’s a line any Dad will be happy to try and it’s a recently launched one called Sanara, which means ‘to heal’ in Spanish. It was started by a woman with Psoriasis who wanted to treat her skin with natural, plant based skincare. All ingredients were specifically chosen to have healing properties great for Dad and in general anyone who is conscious about what is in their skincare (something I’m hyper aware of as I struggle with fertility issues). Let’s not expose our Dad to needless chemicals!
Rebekah Jensen