What's love got to do with it?

I mean really? What does love HAVE to do with anything??

This is the time of month though that you can feel it in the air. Or just go into Target and it will slap you in the face in case you forgot. 

I have to admit me nor my husband are the super gushy or romantic type and often times Valentines is just another day for us of course not without a little guilt.

Damn you Hallmark!!


Not us.

I would be flipping over and knocking a hole through that wall.

Truth be told cuddling up on the couch with the fire on, a charcuterie board and a bottle of wine is my kind of romance. 

But you know what I can get behind? Because I have to say often times I feel it is most overlooked. I'm talking about Self love and care. Maybe February is the time you start focusing on you a little bit. What would that look like if you could give yourself a little self love and care?

So back to my original question that Tina Turner sang and made every woman belt out, "What's love got to do....got to do with it?"

My dear...everything. Love has got everything to do with it. 

So here I am giving YOU permission, giving ME permission to do something for ourselves. Go ahead spend an extra 15 minutes in that warm bath (make sure and lock the door). Go get your hair done or go get that massage. Promise me you won't let this month go by without completely showing yourself some self care and love.


I think what Tina was trying to say it's not just about the emotion of love but how we allow ourselves to be treated even by our own selves. 

It's the act of love that has everything to do with it.



Or this

A Sunday of just this.