You Will Heal

Our Mission

We believe that every woman deserves to feel the beauty that exudes within her no matter the circumstances she might find herself in. We believe in minimalism (12-step routines step aside) and create products using clean ingredients powered by Latin American botanicals, celebrating tried and true botanicals.

Sanara diversifies the beauty market by celebrating and incorporating indigenous Latin American botanicals.

We represent an underrepresented community and empower all women to engage in wellness through self-care and skin health. 

Founder Story

Sanara's Tranquila Collection was launched in 2019 by Rebekah Jasso Jensen. Since 2016 Rebekah has been creating her own products in her kitchen having lived with Psoriasis since her teens. Rebekah has worked in women's health as an OB-Gyn and Maternal Fetal Medicine Diagnostic Medical Sonographer for over a decade. She's seen first-hand the course life can take and impact on a woman's life when she feels empowered by her own self-care and health advocacy.

Sanara was created through her own personal skin and self-care journey of wanting to feel beautiful and help aid in her own skin condition. Through this journey, Rebekah felt a pull from her Latin American ancestors to learn, understand, utilize and celebrate tried and true botanicals they have been using for centuries.

And Sanara was born.

It was through the whispers and guidance of her ancestors that The Tranquila Collection was launched in November 2019. Sanara's rebranded and reformulated products exemplify Sanara's mission and she's excited to see Sanara's product line continue to grow.

In March 2021, lead by her own intuition, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39 after feeling a lump in her breast, despite no family history. The name Sanara comes from the Spanish word sanará, which means, 'you will heal' acting as the beacon to the ingredients she uses and products she creates. In retrospect, the name Sanara was divinely hers and continues to bring more meaning to her every day and in turn, her community as well.

Rebekah is born and raised Texan of Mexican descent and Sanara is carefully crafted in the U.S. Her family operated business is based in Austin, Tx.

Our Vision
Sanara provides wellness self-care products through tried and true indigenous Latin American botanicals fueling the economic growth of local and Latin American agricultural families and lands at fair trade value.

Our Promise

•Natural, plant-derived ingredients

•No synthetic chemicals

•No artificial fragrance or colors

•Gentle and kind to sensitive skin


•Free of parabens, phalates and nuts

•Safe for use for pregnant women