You will heal.

The Creator

It all started in my kitchen.

I've been living with Psoriasis since my teens and it wasn't until my mid-30's that I decided it was time to take my skin and the products I use into my own hands. I'm a child of the 80's where quick manufacturing processes were all the rage and all natural remedies took a back seat. Hello fast-food.

I decided to take my skin health into my own hands and began to learn all the amazing botanicals momma earth has provided for us. It was through this rabbit hole that I began to create products for my sensitive skin needs.

First thing I taught myself was how to make all natural cold-process soap and now years later I've perfected this formulation that my husband even swears by it won't leave home without it.

I am at the core a creator and maker of beautiful things and I love to solve problems but I didn't know that until my mid-Thirties. It was through creating when I began to reconnect with my inner core of who I am, I had no idea the journey it would take me on.

Sanara has been all about reconnecting for me.

Reconnecting with my indigenous lineage and knowledge.

Reconnecting with memories of my grandma Jasso making her own remedies and performing limpias to help bring wholeness to her friends and family.

Reconnecting to mother earth and knowing she always provides.

And reconnecting to my inner goddess by connecting with my body.

My hope is that Sanara brings that same connection for you that it's brought to me.

Connecting to my ancestors
and to myself.

I created Sanara for those moments in life when you just need to step away and heal. Sanara was envisioned through the whispers of my Latin American ancestors. My ancestors and family were migrant workers cultivating and incorporating the bounty of their land to feed their families and provide all natural medicinal remedies. My grandma Jasso would crush and mix her concoctions to bring healing and wellness to her family. Sanara harnesses the beauty of indigenous Latin American botanicals and it's my way of paying homage to my family and ancestors.

Sanara es mi regalo para mis antespasados, mi familia, y las futuras generaciones latinas.