El Cuerpo Ritual

El Cuerpo Ritual

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Body products is where my love for plant based, naturally derived skincare started. Oh how I envied soft smooth skin but didn't want to compromise the ingredients used to achieve that goal.

Our El Cuerpo ritual contains our Acai Berry with Argan & Perilla Seed Oil Body Butter and Acai Berry with Seabuckthorn oil Body Polish.

Our body butter contains only 9 luxurious ingredients and avocado oil is the first one. Included in our Soothe collection our body butter should be applied as a ritual giving time for those oils to soak in. My favorite skincare ritual is applying body butter in the evenings after my shower. I then put on my robe and let those oils to soak in. Our body butter is rich and hydrated and a process that shouldn't be rushed.


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