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"My skin has a new glow and I've been make-up less for days all thanks to Sanara! I've been using the products for over two months now and I am definitely noticing the changes in my skin and on my face, highly recommend!"

-Jocelyn Castillo, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger Chasing Carpe Diem

I was so pleasantly surprised with the Sanara products! I have tried the activated charcoal soap and really like how creamy and not drying this soap makes my skin feels. I have VERY sensitive skin and this is one of the few products I am able to use to cleanse my face. 

I am also obsessed with their Body Butter! It feels so good on the skin, but it also smells like acai bowl! This product has become not only my obsession but also my husband's! 

If you have very sensitive skin and is looking for a trusted brand, I would highly recommend. 

-Mariana De Carvalho, Yoga and Lifestyle Blogger, Yogizinha