Hello! My loyal and faithful amigas!

Whoa! What a year 2019 has been! Let me list out a few MAJOR accomplishments.

I reformulated my products to celebrate indigenous Latin American botanicals after I felt the compass inside me pull into this direction; getting back to my roots and using tried and true ingredients my ancestors have been using for thousands of years.

After trusting my gut, it paid off and Sanara was voted…..

“Buyer Favorite” at the Dallas Indie Beauty Expo in May….even before I had launched my new products in their final packaging!!! This was an absolute honor and while I can’t say a complete surprise because we are doing something completely different in the beauty space; it’s resonating with so many people.

In any case there is no magic ball that tells you which step to take next so it was validation for me for listening to my heart. 

I was asked to speak at the We All Grow Summit in Longbeach, California in May about what it is to be a Latina conscious entrepreneur. I made some amazing connections and met some inspiring women that we continue to cheer each other on because let me tell you this entrepreneur life will test and squeeze you and having that accountability and support makes all the difference in the world.

We officially launched the Tranquila Collection in October to some rave reviews and was nominated for 2019 Best in Show Exfoliator with Indie Beauty for our Bamboo Fiber and Mango Seed Body Polish. Sanara was chosen out of the 600+ brands that have exhibited in any of the 5 international Indie Beauty Expos in 2019 - a true acknowledgement of the brand and quality products we have created.

Now that is the highlight reel but let me tell you 2019 didn’t come without some punches to the gut, blood, sweat on my hands and tears down my face. I think that is why blogging has been so hard for me this year. How do you conjure up the energy when 2 of your manufacturers fall through, funds are tight and you’re still trying to figure out that magic formula to share your brand and products with the world because you know it will help so many people but it all boils down to trial and error.

Let me say that again.

Trial and error every step of the way. 

This my friend is the life of the entrepreneur but you know what I wouldn’t change one darn thing. The speed of the learning curve….yeah I might change that one but you know what it makes this life and the accomplishments of Sanara that much sweeter.

So here I am doing a wrap up of the year and promising myself and you! That 2019 I will be so much better at blogging with tips, tricks and helpful information. I am so grateful for each and every one of you that read my blog, opened my emails, bought from Sanara and liked my IG posts. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.

And for that I am forever grateful to you.

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