Our Mission

Sanara is a thoughtful, plant-based skincare line celebrating and utilizing indigenous Latin American botanicals. Our ingredients are proudly sourced in Latin America and are shedding an authentic light on the local secrets to healthier skin that have been used and tested for centuries. It is our mission to provide natural healing skincare products that benefit the entire body (even sensitive skin) so you can renew, re-energize and re-build your glowing self from head-to-toe. We only use fresh, from-the-earth ingredients with distinctive formulations so you can achieve the youthful, radiant, healthy glow we all want and deserve. Each wholesome component has a purpose and major benefits for your body and we never include artificial ingredients, colors or fragrances. Our uplifting Tranquila scent is comprised of natural occurring essential oils with soft harmonious notes of calming lavender, refreshing orange, fragrant and fruity ylang ylang, and amyris, a woodsy balsamic fragrance.

Sanara which means “you will heal” in Spanish, was born in 2019 out of necessity by its Founder, Rebekah Jasso Jensen. As a psoriasis sufferer during her teen years, she was determined to take control back of her own skincare. She started by educating herself on the ingredients she was putting on her sensitive skin and the process evolved to creating her own body nourishing products. Her heritage and family ties to Latin America opened her eyes to the under-utilized pure ingredient goodness used by so many of its beautiful people. Rebekah turned her passion for plant-based, holistic skincare into her own personal mission to help others gain supple, healthy skin through naturally healing botanicals native to Latin America. Learn more about Sanara’s founder, Rebekah, here.