For those moments in life when you need to step away and heal.

Bamboo Fiber and Mango Seed Body Polish with Cupuaçu & Vitamin E

I use this product on myself and my daughter. I love putting it on during my morning showers and feel so hydrate and luxurious all day long. I am also pregnant and have been using this along with the Sanara Body Oil and my belly feels so hydrated and soft. I will be purchasing this product for all of my expecting friends and family.

Yerba Maté Bath Soak with Aloe & Jojoba oil

I really love this product! I found that there are many uses for this for my health! I used it for a Bartholin cyst and it works better than anything out there.

Cupuaçu Seed Body Butter with Aloe & Vitamin E

My son was diagnosed with eczema as a toddler and it effects his legs pretty severely. He is now 10 and we have tried everything from over the counter products and washes to prescriptions from his dermatologist to other “natural” products in an effort to help calm the redness and itchiness associated with his dry skin. In December we started using this body butter and it’s hands down the best thing we have ever used! We apply it after his shower when his skin is still somewhat damp. In just a couple of weeks his redness has completely cleared up, the itchiness has gone away and his skin is not dry. I’m so appreciative for this product!

Connecting to my ancestors and to myself.

Sanara started in my kitchen. You see, I've been living with Psoriasis since my teens and it wasn't until my mid-30's that I decided it was time to take my skin and the products I use into my own hands. In 2016 my herbal and self-taught cosmetic chemistry training officially began and it was through this rabbit hole of enlightenment that I began to create products for my sensitive skin needs.

I am at the core a healer and creator; a maker of functional and luxurious body care and it was through the creative process that I began to reconnect with who I am, I had no idea the healing journey it would take me on.

The healing that comes from reconnecting with memories of my ancestors making hand-made medicinal salves and performing limipias to help bring emotional and spiritual wholeness to friends and family. Reconnecting with my indigenous lineage and knowledge. Reconnecting to mama earth and knowing she always provides and the healing that comes from reconnecting to my mind by connecting to my body something I had shunned for so long.

So while I began as someone looking to create body care products for my sensitive skin, Sanara has done that and so much more, Sanara has reconnected me to my truest self, the most important relationship I can ever have.

Sanara restores more than your skin.

Sanara es mi regalo para mis antespasados, mi familia, y las futuras generaciones latinas.

sanara comes from the Spanish word sanará

which means 'you will heal'

acting as the beacon to the ingredients I use and products I create