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It’s true you can cleanse and moisturize your skin without harsh chemicals and detergents and we’ve crafted it just for you! Each of our bars contain extra particles of fat that didn't saponify (turn into soap) to float around to help create a hydrating, deep moisturizing facial bar.



Our Soothe line was created to go a step further than deep hydration but we wanted a line that completely soothes your skin. Curating which ingredients should go into our formulation was a labor of love and I think we got it right.

soothe line 2.jpg


Personally having lived with Psoriasis and finding the right exfoliator that didn’t irritate but left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized without that greasy feeling was quite the endeavor. Years of trial and errors and working with experts I have created it. Welcome my friend to our Smooth line. 

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