Hey, Beautiful Souls,

I am BEYOND thrilled to announce that our very first Friends and Family Investment Round with WeFunder has officially closed. While our target was $100K, we raised a jaw-dropping $71K, and let me tell you, this is nothing short of miraculous. 🎯

Each dollar invested is a vote of confidence, a sacrifice, and a testament to what can happen when a Latina woman raised in a family of migrant workers dreams BIG. 🌟 Shoutout to Celeste Madison and Ryan Henry for leading the charge as our main investors. You're the real MVPs! 🙏

For those who've stood by me, especially Espen, you’ve given me more than funds. You've given me wings. So buckle up, my loves. Sanara is soaring to the next level, and we're taking you with us. ✈️

**And Guess What? There's More!** 🌈

I'm also humbled to announce we received a $10K grant from Stitchcrew and BASF Beauty Incubator. But wait, there’s more! A $5K small business grant from We All Grow and Capital One. Yes, that's right, bringing our total to a staggering $86K! 🤑

**Let's Get Real for a Second** 🌱

Two years ago, in the middle of my first breast cancer diagnosis, faced with the need to pivot Sanara to meet luxury beauty standards, I was all-in but financially tapped out. This year, as I bravely launched our first Friends and Family round, I was navigating my second cancer diagnosis. Picture this: I was amidst 6 months of chemo, losing my hair, undergoing surgery, and withstanding 33 rounds of radiation.

Why am I telling you this? Because Sanara isn’t just another brand; it's a lifeline. It's an extension of my spirit, willpower, and resilience. It’s proof that even when your body is down, your dreams don't have to be. We've gone from kitchen concoctions to luxury spa rituals that don't just nourish your skin—they heal your soul and empower your journey, just as they did for me. 🌿

Get ready for some more mind + body care rituals that promise not just to treat your skin but caress your soul, all while keeping Mother Earth in mind. 🌍

With all my gratitude and love,

Rebekah 💖

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