When it comes to body care, looking for the right cleanser is crucial and that's because a good cleanser is necessary 365 days a year. It was with the invention of plastic that a rise of liquid body wash popped up which for a while was the next best thing since sliced bread but with that convenience mother earth has paid the cost. And I get why there was a shift in purchasing decisions in the past; bar soaps have faced a lot of criticism in the past because they can be harsh on the skin and let's not forget the false-narrative that bacteria settles on your soap bar. It's a great marketing strategy however it's simply false. 

But now there are much gentler and effective formulas on the market AND they are earth friendly! Bar soap is finally getting the respect and love it deserves!

Did you know it was the art and science of cold-process soap making that sparked my interest on how to take care of my skin in a much more holistic way?! It's true! Let me give you a few reasons why you should skip the liquid soap and instead go for that bar.

Your skin and mother nature will thank you.

Bar soap contains minimal ingredients

When clean and natural ingredients are used, bar soaps generally just contains active ingredients you need. Through the saponification process bar soaps are a waterless product so there is no need for a chemical preservative to stop bacteria from breeding. Thus you get only a higher concentration of pure ingredients. If you are worried about excess dehydration, choose a bar soap with a mild formula like our Black Brazilian Clay Soap Bar with Jojoba and Cupuacu Butter

Moreover, bar soaps are the eco-friendly alternative as well. When you buy fewer products, not only is your wallet happy, but it means less packaging, energy, and resources across the supply chain. Did you know it is projected that 5 billion people will be affected by water shortage by 2025? When you consider liquid body wash, not only does it increase packaging to our landfills it also contains water. 

Through the saponification process, bar soap is a waterless product, which supports environmental preservation helping save water and the planet – it promotes a sustainable future.

Listen, I get it we're all just doing our best but as Maya Angelou so wisely stated, "when we know better, we do better." So if you're looking to make small steps to a more sustainable lifestyle we got you which is why I'm excited to launch my very first hand-made, hand-poured cold-process soap bar, a bar that's taken me 2 years to perfect.

She's finally here!




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