I initially thought I was creating Sanara for my sensitive skin needs, having lived with Psoriasis since my teens, but what I have come to realize is that it has become so much more.

From the name Sanara that comes from the Spanish word sanará, meaning 'you will heal' to creating products that celebrate the beauty of Latin America.

Sanara has restored my skin, but it's done so much more for me.

The restoration and healing that comes from reconnecting with memories of my ancestors making hand-made medicinal salves and performing limipias to help bring emotional and spiritual wholeness to friends and family. The power of reconnecting with my indigenous lineage and knowledge, reconnecting to Mama Earth and knowing she always provides and the healing that comes from reconnecting to my mind by connecting to my body, something I had shunned for so long.

Tomorrow, I start my first round of vitamin treatments for my recurrent breast cancer diagnosis, and more than ever, this is my time to dive deep into my soul for inner love, gentleness, and tenderness, exactly the reason why I created Sanara.

I have no doubt the mind + body connection I have worked so hard to achieve through my daily, time-slowing rituals is what saved my life. It was me who guided my doctors in 2021 after feeling changes in my breast when mammo, and ultrasound indicated benign findings and I insisted on a biopsy and then again in December 2022 when I finally said I've had enough, let's take what we thought was scar tissue from my 2021 mastectomy out because I needed to get this nagging ache out of my body. Thank God I persisted and insisted it literally saved my life.

My message is and always has been to know your body, trust your gut, and advocate for your health. ✨️

So here I am about to embark on another healing journey, and I'm so thankful to have your love and support along the way.

Let the battle begin.

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