One glance at your skin is enough to indicate its health. Smooth and supple skin is a hallmark of healthy skin. Whereas skin that is dry and listless is an indication that your skin needs looking after. Exfoliation is an important skincare step that keeps your skin smooth, hydrated and young. 


What is Exfoliation?


There is no safer way to make your skin look resplendent than exfoliation. But what is exfoliation? Dead cells accumulate over a period of time on your skin as a result of environmental stresses. Since your skin is its own doctor, this layer of dead cells is automatically shed every 28 days to reveal a fresher and suppler one. However, with time, your skin loses its ability to repair itself. As a result, the dead skin stays put and it becomes easier for dirt and other impurities to stick on it. What your skin ends up looking is dull and lusterless.

It’s here that exfoliation steps in. It is a process of dead skin removal from the epidermis letting the rejuvenated skin come in the open. 



Why should you exfoliate?


Exfoliation is a process of many benefits apart in addition to getting rid of the dead skin cells. 


Stimulates blood flow: Exfoliation accelerates the blood flow towards the skin giving you a rosy appearance. A stimulated blood flow leads to stimulated collagen production. Increased collagen production takes care of the premature signs of aging that may have made an appearance on your face. 


Unclogs pores and prevents acne: Dead skin with impurities clung to it clogs your pores making the sebum stay put under it. This proves a hospitable environment for the acne eruption. Exfoliation unclogs the pores letting the oil escape keeping your skin free from any kind of skin eruptions.


Enhances penetration of other skincare products: What is the point of investing your time and money in skincare products if they are not going to benefit your skin at all. Dead skin acts as a barrier between your skin and these products. Removing the dead skin opens the pores of your skin. This allows greater access to these products to the depths of your skin and nourishes it from within. 


Smooths uneven skin tone: Do you have dark spots, uneven skin tone, and other skin imperfections? If you are nodding your head then exfoliation is the answer to these issues. It not only gets rid of the dead skin and derbies, it also evens out your skin tone and texture making your skin very bit smooth. 


Boosts cell turnover: The cherry on the cake is that it increases cell- turnover. This means that the healthy cells are at the surface. This makes your skin look radiant and soft. 


How should you exfoliate?


Proper exfoliation is the key to getting the maximum out of it. The steps have minor modifications depending upon which type of exfoliation process you use. 


There are two types of exfoliation. Chemical and mechanical. In the former, chemical ingredients like alpha- or beta hydroxy acids for dissolving the cells. The latter involves the physical removal of the dead skin cells by the use of scrub, glove, or a brush. When you use our Bamboo Fiber & Mango Seed Body Polish you are using mechanical exfoliation. 


The method that is most appropriate for the skin is dependent upon your skin type People with normal skin are the easiest to please when it comes to exfoliation. Most of the products are amenable to normal skin. Over- exfoliation leads to ruining your skin of its natural oils and lipids making it dry which is why we recommend exfoliating only 1-2 times per week.. It is a risk that people with oily and acne-prone skin should avoid. Using a mild chemical exfoliator is recommended. If you possess sensitive skin it is better to keep away from chemical exfoliators which will end up irritating the skin. It's best to opt for mechanical exfoliators made of soft natural fibers like our Bamboo Fiber & Mango Seed Body Polish. Anyone with dry skin should use gentle exfoliators to avoid further drying.


Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of exfoliation now. The steps of exfoliation depend upon them whether it’s mechanical or chemical exfoliation. Cleansing is a precursor to exfoliation. Once you have cleansed your face, follow the steps enumerated below:


Mechanical Exfoliation 

Use a clean scrub like our Bamboo Fiber Polish or a brush and make gentle movement across your face. Remember to use smaller strokes.

Use lukewarm water to rinse your face. Hot water will only irritate your fresh, young skin. 

Use a soft cloth to pat dry your face and apply a generous quote of moisturizer like our Cupuaçu Seed Body Butter perfectly paired with our Body polish in our Body Brightening Ritual. Exfoliation can be drying for your face hence moisturization helps in maintaining the optimal moisture content of your skin. 


Chemical Exfoliation


Apply the exfoliator making gentle, small and circular strokes across your face

Rinse with lukewarm water 

Pat dry with a soft cloth and apply moisturizer. 


Apart from the face, feet and hands can be exfoliated too. Use a scrub or a peel for exfoliation of these areas. You could even use pumice stone for your feet. 


When should you exfoliate?


The frequency of exfoliation is contingent upon your skin type. We recommend 1-2 times per week. However, consult your dermatologist to determine the exact frequency of exfoliation. 


Incorporate exfoliation in your skincare regime  and discover the rejuvenated, radiant you.




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