Moisturizer or body lotion is a product that takes the center stage in discussions and discourses related to skincare from time immemorial. What if we tell you that the entire skincare industry is revisiting the benefits the tube of a humble moisturizer brings to the table ? Yes, you read it right. The moisturizer has a very fitting contender in the form of body oil. 


What are Body Oils


Body oils are  liquids that are transparent in color and thick and exceedingly  concentrated in nature. Best body oils are the ones that are organic and extracts from various parts of a plant- roots, flower and leaves like our Chilean Rosehip Seed Body oil

Chilean Rosehip Seed Body oil


Many Benefits of Body Oils


Seal of purity: All that glitters is not gold. Many heavenly smelling and attractively packed lotions have harsh chemicals lurking behind them. Lotions are made of both water and oil. Emulsifiers are used to make them combine with each other. Water in lotions can aid the thriving of bacteria. Sometimes to keep bacterial growth at bay, preservatives like parabens are added to the formula to make them stable. Parabens are known to disturb your hormonal receptors and are even linked to cancers. On the other hand, body oils don’t contain water, hence eliminating the use of preservatives and emulsifiers. No preservatives and emulsifiers make it safe for your skin.  


Protection against free radicals: One of the claims that most skincare products including lotions make is their fight against free radicals. Free radicals present in environmental stresses like cigarette smoke, pollution, etc can cause premature aging, inflamed skin, and even progressively deteriorating diseases. Most body oils contain natural or added vitamin E that protects your body from free radicals. Presence of vitamin C and antioxidants in body oils also help your skin fight sign of aging. Further, since oils are sans any fillers or water, they don’t let the good guys that help your body function the way it should escape. And once the good guys are where they should be protecting your body, the bad guys like the free radicals have a tough time doing damage to your body. Oils that contain cypress are excellent for the prevention of daily wear and tear. It even reverses the appearance of premature aging. 


Fat- loving properties: Have you ever wondered that when you apply body lotion after your shower, you are essentially putting water on your body? That’s because lotions are 65% water and dilute the efficacy of the product. In contrast, there are many oils, particularly, essential oils, which are “fat loving” oils. It means that that they mix happily with other fats ( oil) in your body. Topical body oils imitate the nature of sebum and balance out the excess production hence are recommenced as a treatment for acne-prone skin. 


Heavenly fragrance: Body oils in opposition to lotions have essential oils imparting a pleasant fragrance that’s safe for you. Our Chilean Rosehip Seed body oil is scented with Orange oil, Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Amyris giving it a beautiful harmonious scent that so many of our customers keep coming back for. Lotions have chemically induced fragrance that may cause irritation, rashes, etc for people with sensitive skin.


Non- greasy and light: Body lotions most often than not leave you feeling sticky and greasy. We pride ourselves in that we've created a perfect oil that deeply hydrates yet is light not leaving you with the oily feeling.

The future of body oil is NOW!. 

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