An artisan is a skilled person who creates any products with hands; it's exactly how I started taking control of my own skincare. I've grown so much and while I still begin the process at home I am now able to consult with cosmetic chemists creating products safely and efficacious with my artisan roots in a manufacturing facility adhering to FDA rules and regulations. 

Many people go gaga over handcrafted items, me included, because they are often revered for being high in quality, distinct in form, and are created only a few at a time. This directly means that bar soaps created by artisans are bound to be much better than branded soaps available in the mass market. Here, we are going to discuss four reasons that make artisan created bar soaps better in quality and why you should consider supporting your local soap-maker.

While Sanara doesn't currently carry hand-made soap (so much goes into placing a product for sale and we're still vetting this process), it is the art of cold-process soap making that made me passionate about natural skincare so it will always be near and dear to my heart and exactly how my family stays cleansed.


These were my first soap products under my first line, Bek's Soap Co. 

Cold Process soap

  1. Transparency in ingredients: Artisan soaps are made up of all-natural oils, colorants, premium quality fragrances, and fair trade butters. Everything that the artisans add to these soaps is sourced from sustainable, fair and high standard suppliers. From ingredients to fragrances, everything they put into these soaps live up to their quality and expectations. The ingredients they use are carefully selected for being friendly to the skin. When they come in contact with water, they create lather and bubbles without becoming harsh.
  2. Earth-friendly: As compared to market produced branded bar soaps, artisan created ones are friendly to the environment. Branded soaps have a lot of chemicals, colors and detergents, that cause a lot of havoc when their lather goes down the drain. Most of the artisans also do not pack their soaps in plastic packets. Most of them use paper pouches or cardboard boxes to pack their soaps. This is again a feature that makes artisan created soaps earth-friendly.
  3. Botanical soap is calming and hydrating: With all the smooth, natural and high quality ingredients, botanical soaps give a calming effect to your body and hydrates your skin. Unlike chemical-based branded soaps, artisan created soaps are careful towards your skin and do not strip any natural oils from it. The natural ingredients present in artisan created bar soaps lock in the gentle feel of your skin and also delivers all the benefits that they are known to offer.
  4. Your body is your temple, treat it as such: The major purpose of soap is to clean. It helps in lifting dirt and grease from the skin, but it can sometimes leave the skin dry and dehydrated. Some branded soaps also have additives and detergents that increase their cleaning power but prove to be very harsh on your skin. Contrary to that, artisan created bar soaps are crafted with natural oils that are very friendly to the skin. They have the right balance of ingredients that clean your skin without any harshness.

Cold-Process soap


All in all, artisan created bar soaps are finished off with a wide range of fragrances and colors, due to which they do not remain just a practical soap bar. Instead, they are carefully designed to look and feel great for use.

So, if you are looking for a wonderfully crafted soap that is devoid of any chemicals and detergents, then find a good artisan in your locality who is known for creating the best quality bar soaps with the best quality natural ingredients.

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