Cupuaçu /ku., pu. a.ˈsu/ Butter: Benefits of the Sweet Skin Booster

At the very least, you know how important it is to keep your skin moisturized. Moisturization is one of the most significant aspects of having healthy, glowing, youthful skin, and there are a variety of things that nature has provided, all of which claim to give all-natural, intense hydration to your skin. One of these is cupuaçu. Cupuaçu butter is found to be highly successful in moisturizing skin, restoring its elasticity, and treating dry, aging, or sunburned skin.

What is Cupuaçu Butter?

Cupuaçu is a cacao like tree found in tropical rainforests of South America, especially Peru, Bolivia, and Columbia. Cupuaçu butter is made from the seeds of this tree through the cold-press method. This butter has a soft and buttery texture with lots of beneficial fatty components. The silky texture of this butter enters deep into the skin pores and helps ward off free radicals and fights signs of aging.

Cupuaçu butter has lots of fatty acids, like oleic acid, arachidic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid. This makes a perfect mixture of saturated as well as unsaturated fatty acids, due to which the butter gets absorbed into the skin really quickly. Such a composition is extremely beneficial for aging, dry, and sunburned skin. Apart from the fatty acids, it also has several antioxidants, Vitamin B, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Cupuaçu Seed Body Butter

Some of its skin benefits include the following:

Moisturizes Skin: This vegan butter can retain as much as 440% of its weight in water and it's two times more hydrating than shea butter! Due to this property, it becomes a wonder product to moisturize skin, lock in moisture, and treat problems of skin elasticity and dryness. Once you apply it on your skin, it can keep your skin moisturized for as long as 8 hours.

Reduces Free Radical Production: Cupuaçu butter is a very rich source of antioxidants. We all know that antioxidants work miracles to rejuvenate skin by reducing free radical production that is responsible for damaging skin cells. The best thing is that because it has a low melting temperature, it gets absorbed into your skin almost immediately and it does not leave any heavy or greasy residue afterward.

Fights Sun Damage: Cupuaçu butter is known to effectively absorb UV rays that are very harmful to the skin. With this property, it helps long-term sun damage done to your skin, and also keeps your skin protected from UV damage in the future.

Regenerates Skin Elasticity: Cupuaçu butter has natural emollient properties, due to which it naturally softens, soothes, and restores skin elasticity. As a result, your skin stays young and wrinkle-free for long. Because it will stay firm and smooth, you will look hydrated and glowing till old age without any skin imperfections.

So, now that you know all the benefits of cupuaçu butter, make it a regular part of your skincare regime and gain all these. You can directly apply this butter on your skin, or mix it in your regular creams or serums. You will also find several cosmetic products available in the market that have cupuaçu butter in them.

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