Rebekah making soap

Did you know it was the art of cold-process soap making that ignited my love and passion for plant-based skincare?!

It's true!

I've been living with Psoriasis since my teens and I really never gave a second thought as to the products I was using and the ingredients I was putting onto my skin. It was my sister-in-law, Camilla (my sister-in-law's name is Camilla too but spelled with 2 ll's!) who is amazingly crafty, share with me her new craft--soap making. I have to admit, this chica thought it was the nerdiest thing ever! My first thought was, "Why would I make my own soap when I can just get soap at the drug store?!"  

I have to admit though since I have underlying skin issues it did pique my interest. Should I be concerned with the kind of soap I'm using? Should I understand the ingredients I'm actually putting onto my skin? Oh...I had no idea and my self-care skin journey began.

It was this community of two women sharing their skills and knowledge that helped me take control of my own skincare and ultimately what lead me to create Sanara. Camilla, Sanara was born because of you. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with me, it's changed my life. 

Camila Alves McConaughey knew all too well about the amazing community women have when they share. What's that saying, "It takes a village". The community Camila had in Brazil was exactly something she wanted to recreate here through Women of Today. Camila is the visionary behind WOT, a safe place for men and women to share their knowledge and skills so that others can benefit and even perhaps, lives are changed. 

Mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, leaders, entrepreneurs and angels …We’re all at least one, and some of us are all of these and more. The fact is we are all women, and I believe we need to support each other, share our stories, and find strength in numbers. A few years ago, I created Women of Today to do just that. To be an online home for all women to visit, to lend support, to pick up some guidance, to be mentors, to laugh together, to know we are not alone in this journey, to share our stories our learnings and create a community in our sisterhood. (About Camila page on WOT)

In the spirit of sisterhood. Please head over to WOT blog post where I share how you can make cold-process soap at home using ingredients you can easily find at home, grocery store or hardware store. I hope it enriches your life as much as it has enriched my own. 

Abundant healing,


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