Happy Earth Day!

I’m reflecting back when my house was full of people fussing over me and Sanara just 2 months ago.

Who knew we would be zooming all day every day to limit physical contact to help flatten the curve and keep people safe.


It does make me wonder if this is mother Earth resetting herself.


You see…that’s the optimist inside of me….always looking for the silver lining. As an entrepreneur optimism and looking for the silver-lining is your life-line.

Less NO2 in the air due to less motor vehicles on the roads.

Renewed embrace of gardening for some.

Less-threatened wildlife in some areas.

Better views of the Himalayas and leatherback sea turtles are making a comback!

I have to say though! I CAN NOT WAIT until I can hug as many necks as I can but for today, let’s let the Earth heal.

I’m wishing you a Happy Earth Day and please know while staying home you are doing your part to help heal the Earth.


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