If you know me you know my love for Camila Alves Mcconaughey, a self-made Latina from Brazil that is all about natural remedies, health, wellness and authenticity….really a force to be reckoned with. I mean how many celebrities post videos sans makeup on the regular?

As we’ve entered into week 4 of La Rona where social distancing and uncertainty abound. Zoom calls and happy hours are all the rage these days and I have to say I may not have been more social (from my home of course) then I ever have.

Also! That pantry….How many of us find ourselves going in looking to see what we might find.


So what have I done? I went to the Women of Today website and began looking for healthy alternatives for those mid-day munchies and I found her Cookie Dough Energy Bites.

The Brazilian Queen to the rescue! Gracias amiga!! Or in Portuguese Camila’s native language. Obrigada amiga!!

I’m also using this time to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Enjoy!!


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