When you add on a brand like Sanara, you’re not just adding on another great product. You’re adding great products and diversifying your product line.

Who doesn’t love an amazing spa treatment? I’ve had my share of them as an adult, an avid lover of pampered treatments and extra love and care. I love the feeling of walking into a spa and knowing I’m about to have an amazing, healing experience.

When creating Sanara which comes from the Spanish word, ‘sanará’, meaning, “you will heal” I knew Sanara belonged in the spa market for many reasons. Sanara is about intentional healing, knowing the ingredients inside and it’s created with those with skin sensitivities in mind. As someone who lives with Psoriasis I have to be a conscious consumer and careful as to what products I use and I wanted to create a beautiful brand with that in mind.

I can remember one spa experience where I had a salt scrub (not even thinking about my skin sensitivities) and all I can say is, “OUCH!” Imagine that feeling of salt being rubbed into an open wound. Yeah, I grinned and bared it but I won’t be opting for that type of treatment again. I should have said something (I’m getting better about that) but I also should have been asked.

The beauty market as a whole is definitely getting better at diversification (hello Fenti, Reina Rebelde, Lamik Beauty) but there is room for improvement. It’s interesting though, as I began to research the spa market, products and treatment offerings I noticed a lack of diversity. I understand that it’s not the fault of the spa industry as they can only add on products and treatments based on what the market offers them.

Well here at Sanara, I’m spicing the spa and beauty industry up a bit.

When creating Sanara and being Latinx myself I also wanted to create a brand that not only paid homage to my Latin roots and ancestors but a brand that speaks to Latinos; a people that historically have not been spoken to.

I came across a Forbes article validating all that I am trying to accomplish through Sanara and why you should start thinking about your marketing strategy to Latinos.

“Four Reasons Why Your 2019 Marketing Budget Should Target Hispanics” -Danny Fritz

While I highly recommend reading this article in full, let me offer some takeaways as well.

  • Businesses need to develop messaging with their audience in mind. In the age of hyper-competition, being able to connect strongly with an undeserved group can be a competitive advantage for brand sales and growth.

  • Latinos can be great ambassadors for your brand once they recognize that their culture and values are being represented.

  • If you speak to their cultural sensibilities such as food, family and traditions, you may be able to resonate with Latinos online. Latinos want brands to embrace their cultural relevance. They want the opportunity to sustain their cultural identity while also being immersed into mainstream American culture.

  • Shaping your campaign to be culturally relevant to the Hispanic audience can play a prominent role in customer acquisition and, in turn, foster invaluable brand loyalty.

  • The Latino population is the fastest-growing segment and accounts for almost half of the U.S. population's growth. Hispanics also make up a large percentage of millennials, with 51% of the U.S. Hispanic population below the age of 30.

  • According to Nielsen, in 2016, the nation's 57 million Hispanics reached $1.4 trillion in buying power. That's expected to grow to $1.8 trillion by 2021. Hispanics in the U.S. also have the highest population growth rate -- the population is expected to double over the next 40 years

Getting ahead and looking to diversify your product offerings is not only a good thing for your customers but it matters to your bottom line.

I’m so proud of Sanara and the message it sends and the voice it gives to your customers.

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