No matter how long you've been with your boo, it's no secret that Valentines can be a wee bit stressful. Now more then ever people are looking for ways to celebrate indoors so we came up with 10 stay-at-home Valetines Day date ideas. 


01. Netflix and Chill

I know, it might be fair to say we've seen all of Netflix but when you have a theme for the night the romantic possibilities are endless. If you're like me and my husband we can get caught up on some fantasy or sci-fi or perhaps rewatch all the episodes of Cheers from the beginning to end. Let me tell you it's a different experience watching it as an adult instead of as a child with limited knowledge of life and letting all those jokes just slip right on past ya. Don't let this task of picking the evenings flicks wait until the last minute because well Netflix. 

Picking out a movie


02. Create an At-Home Spa

This my dear is where Sanara has-got-you-covered. Go ahead and light a few candles, draw a warm, bubble bath with our Yerba Maté Bath Soak with Aloe & Jojoba oil, pour a glass of wine and soak in heaven. Heck you could even watch that Netflix show right in your bathtub. It won't end there though, don't forget to finish off applying our Chilean Rosehip Seed Body oil with Jojoba & Vitamin E all over your boo, massaging and applying those luxurious oils. 

You can purchase them individually or if you're the sniper bargain shopper that I know you are, purchase them as a set with our Natural Bath Soak Ritual and enjoy the savings.

Taking a bath


03. Enjoy a charcuterie board by the fire

A homemade charcuterie board is by far the easiest and yet festive treats you can serve your love. Charcuterie board is easily on rotation at our home as there is not cooking involved, just purchase the ingredients, chop up some fresh fruit or vegetables, place it beautifully on a plate and I swear you'll feel the romance. If you've never made one before, the Picky Palate shows you how to make your perfect charcuterie board.

Making a charcuterie board



04. Plan a board game night

It's no stretch of the imagination that all this staying in for the past year we've had to get "creative" but a good ole board game should not be counted out. One of the most memorable evenings I've had was me and my husband putting on some music and the fireplace and playing a round of Cat-opoly.

Playing Catopoly



05. Order in your favorite meal.

If Valentines Day is the day you don't lift a finger, I don't blame you, you can order some take out. 

Psst. ours is TexMex or Thai

Order take out



06. Make each other specialty cocktails

If you're one that appreciates a delicious specialty cocktail this is the night to learn a new drink or show off your mixologist skills to your love. Delish has 25 Best Valentines Day Cocktails that are Better Than Wine that will help get you started!

Specialty Cocktail



07. Ask each other questions

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and sometimes I swear you think we've said it all and then sometimes there are moments when we learn something new about each other. These moments never get old so why not recreate it and learn something new about your boo. 

Couple asking each other questions



08. Make Dinner Together

Whether or not it's just you and your boo or your small quarantine crew, whipping up a delicious meal together is always a win. My girlfriend who is an amazing chef for her family has her own website where she shares her recipes. I've personally made her Taco Soup, Cocktail Crab Cakes, Spicy Roasted Cauliflower, Enchilada Dip and I can attest to a 4 for 4 success rate on the recipes I've made so far. Go ahead a peruse the site and see what you can whip up!

Group making dinner together



09. Make dessert together

Dessert is hands down the most important part of Valentines, that's right it might beat coitus. There I said it.

But seriously, let's keep it real, sometimes the best nights don't always lead to sex but even if it doesn't you had dessert. No idea what you can make? The Food Network gives you 50 Best Valentine's Day Desserts so go ahead and guarantee an amazing evening with a little dessert. 




10. Plan your next vacation together.

Vacations we're put on pause for a bit but who said you couldn't plan your next big trip. Half the fun of a trip is the planning so go ahead and enjoy your evening planning your next big getaway!

Planning vacation together


We wish you the best Valentines Day!

Love, Sanara Team

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